MES Integrated Labeling Solution:

Track Inventory from Raw Materials,
WIP to Finished Goods, Shipments, in Real-Time

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Today manufacturers are under undue stress to add just-in-time supply chain management capabilities while applying lean principles. An inaccurate part or container label causes errors throughout production process. This ineffective labeling processes can have a detrimental influence on product quality, production delays, delivery, and billing cycles.

We understand your stress! LabelingOnUs, as a result, provides a modular MES labeling solution designed to improve shop-floor efficiency, drive compliance, and accelerate digital transformation in manufacturing. Its seamless integration capabilities with MES, WMS, and ERP systems require no coding, which accelerates ROI and makes implementation easier. We support fully automated labeling and part marking to track the work-in-progress (WIP) of manufactured goods, to track labor and resources, to automate receiving, to print customer shipping labels, and more. View task or work order information, report completions, labor, print labels, and report scrap/rework all from a single touch screen UI.

A Solution that INCREASES your MES Labeling Capabilities

Learn more about LabelingOnUs MES Labeling Solution that can assist you in converting your manufacturing from manual, paper-based processes to digital ones with optimized workflows and real-time visualization. The Solution can be effortlessly integrated with a range of software and tools to automate key manufacturing workflows. This helps you reduce expenses while maximizing productivity and material, human, and machine utilization.

WIP Traceability

Work-in-process tracking allows manufacturers to track raw materials all the way through to finished goods in real time. Data is collected at every stage of production using barcodes, RFID, or integrated machines.

HMI (Human Machine Interface) Data Integration

An HMI solution connects device data to analytics software. Manufacturers can track and manage shop floor productivity by using a dashboard to analyze this data.

Container Traceability

Container tracking can reduce costs while boosting productivity. Real-time data tracking of individual parts, returnable (RTIs), and tools reduces waste, theft, and asset damages.

Supports Compliance

Ensure label design COMPLIANCE that meets stringent industry standards. Get data, symbols, warnings from master data sources effectively to avoid penalties and supply chain disruptions.

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